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Our goal is to find the best solutions for our partners.

We are constantly researching the market for new construction systems, always taking into account the environment, costs, safety, and comfort of our partners.

We try to solve one of the main problems in the wood industry, therefore reducing the amount of raw material that will be used in our future constructions and simultaneously preserving all the technical properties of wooden structures (mechanical strength, thermal insulation, and sound insulation).

ERGIO WALL was launched in collaboration with the EFdeN team who participated at the Dubai International Competition, Solar Decathlon 2018, where representatives from around the world presented futuristic houses, new construction systems, and modern technologies. EFdeN is an NGO officially founded in 2013 by a group of passionate young people, together with the Technical University of Constructions of Bucharest and the Ion Mincu University of Architecture and Urbanism. The competition had 11 tests including urbanism, architecture, engineering, communication, associations, and horticulture. Our participation consisted of providing the ERGIO WALL construction system. The resulting product was a real success, ranking 2nd in the world for the innovation în wooden structure, which proved to us once again that there are no barriers in wooden construction, as long as it was created by a team that is willing to go beyond its limits.

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