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ERGIO Sustainability

Environmental sustainability, energy efficiency, efficient production and minimizing impact on the environment are the key concepts at ERGIO.

As entrepreneurs and human beings, we must guarantee ourselves and to future generations a better quality of life through the freedom to choose a sustainable future.

In this sense, the ERGIO company is based on three pillars:

  1. Efficiency and accountability in the use of resources
  2. Offering sustainable products
  3. Care for social impact

Efficiency and accountability in the use of resources

At ERGIO we have built the technological process in such a way that it is a closed circuit, using energy, water, and raw material resources in the most efficient way possible and minimizing losses.

We start from the smallest details such as the recycling of paper used in offices which are periodically collected by our collaborators from specialized recycling centers.

Production process

In the operational process, the wood is used at maximum capacity. Optimally sized pieces that come from waste are used in production through the process of finger joining and pressing gluing for lamellar type elements.

The small pieces that come from waste and the generated sawdust are used for heat production, used in drying the wood material but also for heating the production facilities. The company uses a Herz Firematic thermal power plant that has high efficiency with an efficiency between 90% and 93% with very low consumption of electricity during operation (max. 1.9 kW), resulting in a degree of recovery of wood waste of 100%. (being included in renewable energy resources).

The ash resulting from the combustion is used as fertilizer in the two greenhouses owned by the company. Organic production from these greenhouses is used locally in the food industry.

What results as the waste of other construction materials used in the manufacturing process are collected by specialized recycling companies.

The process closes with the replanting in proportion to 30% of the wood processed by the company each year. ERGIO participates annually in replanting activities together with NGOs but also carries out internal actions.


A proportion of 30% of electricity is generated by solar panels within the company. ERGIO also aims to increase this percentage to 60% in the next 5 years.

Sustainable products offering

Wood comes from nature and life comes from nature, so wood itself is life.

Being a renewable and environmentally friendly material through its widespread use in construction can substantially reduce not only the amount of non-renewable resources used in the construction industry but also carbon dioxide emissions used for processing, overall improving our daily lives. That's why ERGIO builds sustainably using certified raw materials.

As the economy is constantly growing and the population is constantly expanding, the need for housing follows this trend but the resources are indirectly proportional to this need. So, the society needs a solution that uses a renewable resource to meet this demand, and wood is the answer.

A wood product is a tribute to nature

due to its ability to absorb and store carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

As long as the wood we use in production is purchased from certified forests it will not be in danger of depletion. Wood is a living material, so it has a predetermined lifespan. Once it has reached the stage of maturity, it begins to age like any living thing. At this stage of life, the tree emits both oxygen and carbon dioxide, which no longer adds value to nature. Responsible exploitation is how these trees are removed from the forests making room for new ones that will absorb carbon dioxide from the air, helping the environment.

Wood is so far the most eco-friendly material in the construction industry and is a sustainable solution for modern society.

Care for social impact

ERGIO is a social active both locally and nationally, aiming to have a positive impact on both the environment and employees and the entire community.

The company helps and promotes volunteer activities, education, and continuous development through partnerships with universities, NGOs, and local government.

One such example is the sponsorship of the wooden structure at EFden şignature in the Dubai International Competition, Solar Decathlon 2018 with an enthusiastic team of student volunteers. (read more about this project - link to EFdeN)

Locally in addition to employment opportunities that are constantly growing in trend with the development of the company, ERGIO actively participates in community development. One such project is the partnership with the local mayor's office in Comanesti, in which an analysis laboratory was built in record time to combat COVID-19.

ERGIO'S contribution to the EU's sustainable development goals

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